Junk Removal Tulsa OK

Whether you are downsizing, moving, or just doing some spring cleaning, hauling off your junk is a headache.  Fortunately, there’s a new Junk Removal Service in Tulsa County, OK that will do it for you. 

Remember, you don’t have to be a hoarder to take advantage of the Junk Removal Service.  We will pick up a single item or truck loads.

Garage and Shed Clean-Out

We know you’ve been meaning to clean out the garage…and the shed too.  If your good intentions aren’t getting the job done, give us a call.  We are specialists at garage and shed cleaning.  Just let us know what you do (and don’t) want taken off and count it done.


Hoarding Special

Are you still saving your child’s rusty old bike thinking one day you’ll fix it?  Well, he’s in college now, so that’s probably not even a good idea anymore.  What about the broken washing machine, the mountain load of old tires, and piles of rusted old cans?  We will deal with your junk removal.  You can even give us instructions and we’ll tend to it without your which is especially nice for those who hold sentimental values for their “stuff”.


Property Clean Up

Nothing decreases the value of property more than junk strewn about all over it.  If your property is an eye-sore, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and give us a shout. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how fresh and clean your place will look after our truck pulls off with all your junk inside of it.

Commercial Junk Removal

It’s common for businesses to switch out furniture or appliances quite frequently, due to the wear and tear from customers and employees.  From desks to refrigerators and everything in between, we will haul off your Commercial Junk Removal anywhere in the Tulsa County area.

Fire and Flood Clean Out

Cleaning up after a fire or flood is tough and messy work.  Soot from burned items gets everywhere and can even make you sick.  Wet and mildewed items from flood damage can also be a health hazard.  Fire and flood clean out are dirty jobs no one wants to do…except us.  Give us a call and we’ll be glad to make your area looked as if the disaster never happened.

Large Item Removal

Even if you happen to own a truck or trailer, moving large items is inconvenient and dangerous.  If you’re not used to lifting or don’t know how to lift properly, you could end up spending much more money on chiropractic bills than you would on our affordable Junk Removal Service rates.

Storm Damage and Debris Cleaning

When a storm leaves its mark on your property, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning the damage up.  Now, you don’t have to.  Give us a call and we will take care of it all, from tree limbs to the neighbor’s mangled trampoline.  We ARE the rainbow after the storm.

Process of Renting Our Dumpsters

If you are looking for dumpster rentals from us, we have made it possible for everyone to get the best deals. Our prices are affordable and we would be pleased to serve all clients in Tulsa and other parts of Oklahoma. Here is the simple and easy process of getting a rental dumpster from us:

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Once you contact us, we will have our crews asking all the necessary questions to give you a free quote for your project.

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Get a Quote:

If you need junk to be removed, we will give you a free quote and upfront pricing. We will discuss all the details about the project including the specific type of materials that to be removed.



Once we have agreed on the details, we will pick up the junk on the agreed date and time. We are always on time and we will make use of our expertise to ensure that the place is left spotless.


Junk Disposal:

Some of the junk might be ellegible for reuse or recycling. If that’s the case we will bring it to the appropiate recycling facility. If not possible, we will dispose it according to the City regulations. 

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You do not have to be stuck with junk and garbage on your property. We have the best solution and you can count up for fast and efficient junk removal Tulsa OK. Give us a call and one of our experts will be glad to offer a free quote for our services.


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