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Are you sick of cleaning your house?  Or, maybe you simply don’t have time.  You might even have company rolling into town or an event you’ll be hosting.  There are many reasons people opt to hire maid and cleaning services.  If you need maid or cleaning services in the Tulsa County, OK area, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll have access to some of the best cleaners in the nation.  Our team is unbeatable.

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Maid and Cleaning Services…What’s the Difference?

Some people don’t realize that maid and cleaning services are not the same – close, but not identical.  Maid service entails an individual who helps keep the house tidy and in order by tending to such duties as putting things in their place, occasional vacuuming and dusting, and other light duties.  House Cleaners generally do more tedious and strenuous jobs such as changing linens, polishing the furniture and silver, mopping, stripping, and sweeping the floors, disinfecting kitchens and restrooms, and so forth.

Which Service Do You Need?

Maid service is the ideal match for someone who is up in years and not able to keep the house as clean as they used to.  Maids sometimes fetch coats and perform more personal duties.  If you are wanting to deep clean your home or have someone come in once a week to take care of a whole week’s worth of cleaning, a cleaning service is what you would want.

Cleaning Scenarios

If you or a loved one is aging, aren’t feeling up to par, or have recently had an injury or surgery, maid or a cleaning service is the perfect solution.  Hiring the service is a great gift to give as well.

Throwing a party?  Why not have a maid or cleaning service come in and get your home in perfect shape so you can save your energy to enjoy the party?  Imagine the stress it will take off of you.  You can hire the services for after the party and some people even opt for a maid or two to assist them during the party.

House Rules

Many people wonder if a maid or cleaning service requires the client to leave the premises.  We do not.  While it is permissible and isn’t a bad idea so you’ll not be underfoot, we would never make you leave your own home if you didn’t want to.  We even allow our clients to give instructions as the work is going on and you can join in the work if you’d like.  We want to make your maid or house cleaning experience the best ever and will do all we can to assure that it is.


Our Rules

We carefully screen each cleaning employee we hire.  We make sure our cleaning team members are respectful, polite, drug-free, and that they do not have a background that would place you at risk.  In addition, we monitor the cleaning skills our team members have. 

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